Alaska gold rush photo


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Twitter: I’m lost

I started following a few folks on Twitter, but I don’t quite get it yet.

Following a feed that is primarily one-way communications, that part makes sense. But personal feeds, it’s like listening to one half of a phone call. What’s the point? I feel like I’m missing something…

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Potential terrorist told to join US military

I can’t imagine what this judge was thinking but this is a seriously bad idea.

You have a disturbed man who posts on Facebook a comment about “breaking Cho’s record“. Initially charged with making a terrorist threat, he pleads guilty to a misdemeanor charge of harassing communications in an apparent plea bargain. And the judge sentences him to military service.

Yes, let’s take someone who is thinking of random, senseless, deadly violence against innocents and give him weapons. Put him in a position where he’s likely to be placed in combat which will mess him up further. Put him in an environment that is increasingly riddled with members of hate groups who can influence him further down his path of crazy. Yes, that will teach him that threatening to hurt people is a bad idea.

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Spades on the G1 and the filibuster

My favorite G1 app is Spades, the card game. It’s addictive and a great way to entertain myself when waiting for meetings to start. The main* complaint I have about the programming of the game is the behavior of the computer players when someone bids Nil.

When a player bids Nil, the player’s partner of course attempts to cover all of the Nil bidder’s cards. The bad part is that the competing players focus entirely on breaking the Nil. They ignore making their own bids; they only care about forcing the Nil bidder to take a hand.

I was reading Kevin Drum’s musings about the filibuster, and recognized that the behavior in the Senate that he’s describing is just like G1’s Spades. Each party is more concerned with breaking the Nil than meeting their own bid.

(*My other complaint is that the computer players will bid Nil while holding one or more face cards in spades – how stupid is that?)

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“Persons Unknown”: the credibility misstep

“Persons Unknown” started out strong: a fascinating mystery, a guarantee of answers by the end of summer, an interesting cast, and lots of questions. I was really enjoying this summer series.

Unfortunately, the last few episodes have damaged the credibility of the premise. Supposedly, there’s this omnipotent and omniscient Program behind everything. We don’t know its purpose and we don’t understand its methods; we see only this tiny segment of its actions, these terrified people disappeared to an abandoned town. But the last few episodes have shown us the minds behind the program.

The Director, a peevish woman. A guy who seems to be a manager from the mold of “The Office” with a really weird accent who bullies everyone below him and kisses the Director’s butt without hiding his distaste. And a bunch of robotic call center drones.

THIS is an organization that can exert such power? That can vanish people without reprisal? That can completely control information in the media? That can snap and an ambassador crawls? These mediocrities?!? I don’t buy it. Poor casting, poor writing, poor characterization.

There are only four episodes left, and I’ll watch them to see how they attempt to pull it all together, but they manned their “Program” with such incompetents that I can no longer pretend to believe in their story.

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This story doesn’t make sense

Cheap, ultra-pure heroin kills instantly

It doesn’t make sense because dealers want long-term users, repeat customers. If I were a conspiracy theorist, this article would raise all sorts of red flags for me.

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“Survivor” key to economic crisis

I’m watching “Survivor: Pearl Islands” on dvd. The Morgan tribe is discussing moving their camp because their initial spot was too close to the water and they’ve noticed the tideline moving closer. Osten (the one who quits) tells the camera that there’s no need to go to all the trouble of moving the camp yet, because it hasn’t gotten wet; wait till it gets wet to deal with it. Who has that short-sighted an outlook?

Osten is an equity trade manager.

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