An amazing graphic

A conference that I attended used this graphic as its primary image on slides and name tags and such. As interesting as the speakers were, my attention kept returning to the huge center slide with this picture on it.



I love this image. It is so perfect for its purpose.

The first thing I noticed about it was the hint of something wonderful just around that bend, like the trail to a really awesome themepark ride. Then I saw that the “pattern” on the walls was 0s and 1s…data, lots of data, infinite amounts of data. (The conference was on Big Data.) The slope and curl gives the feeling of all this data flowing like a river. The source of the light is hidden, but the light is ethereal and promises a really amazing destination.

The way the image is structured, it feels physical, as if I could step onto that pathway and follow its course around the bend. Just me and the data, travelling fluidly through the aether.

This is a great graphic.


About schazjmd

After a mostly itinerant adult life, I landed in the Pacific Northwest and I love it.
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