Steve Perry and Kevin Hearne

Kevin Hearne is the author of The Iron Druid Chronicles, a science fiction/fantasy series. A book review somewhere convinced me to try one despite the subject matter (druids? vampires? werewolves?) and I’m so glad that I did — they’re wonderful, truly.

But my favorite piece of Hearne’s deliciously humorous writing isn’t about any of those subjects. It’s from one of the books (“Tricked“, book 4 in the series) and really has nothing to do with the story, it’s simply an off-the-wall segue into the characters stopping at a fast food place. His paean to Steve Perry just delights me though, so I want to share it.

“There was a span of years in the 1980s during which I marveled at the almost supernatural powers of Steve Perry. While he sang for Journey, he made people believe in themselves, weep over long distance relationships, and inquire at transit stations about midnight trains. Together with his bandmates, he fully explored the hidden depths and nuances of the word whoa — teasing out shades of meaning and connotations that I would have been hard pressed to discover, even with two thousand years of attention to the problem — and I’m willing to be that the pathos with which he imbued the syllable na shall never be equalled in the history of the human race.”

Awesome, isn’t it?


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