Greatest flaw in “Wheel of Time” series

I do enjoy Jordan’s WoT series (saga, epic…). Granted, there are valid criticisms of the books, and as much as I love the story, even I can find aspects of the books that irritate me. But starting in the very first book and continuing throughout the rest is a flaw that jerks me out of suspension of disbelief each time I encounter it:

The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.

People would not say that. Say it yourself, aloud. Has there ever been a more awkward construction of sounds? It’s difficult to say, almost as bad as a tongue-twister. People would not say that over and over and over as a common saying. They would morph it into friendlier constructions:

The Wheel weaves…

Everyone knows what you mean, no need to tack on the rest. Or:

The Wheel weaves as it wills.

Avoids the horrid conjunction of “Wheel wills”. And I’m sure there are other variations that might occur, but the original would not be repeated throughout society and over the years as constructed. People would just not say that.


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