Book fans are the greatest

This article on the fans of the “Twilight” book series converging on the small town of Forks tickles me, especially the way the town has engaged in the enthusiasm.

I haven’t read the “Twilight” books and probably won’t. Not because they’re YA — I still reread the books I read when I was young, and I thoroughly enjoyed Harry Potter — but because vampire books are just so pervasive that they’re beyond cliché. They’ve taken over the SF shelves at the bookstore. And honestly, I find the whole vampire mythos boring.

I’ve said it. Vampires are boring.

For originality and creativity, I think the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books are outstanding. These are also YA, in the line of Potter and Twilight. They’re written in the first person, and the narrator’s voice is impeccable. The characters are rich and believable, although my daughter was a bit miffed that Ares wasn’t handsome and noble. (Personally, I think Riordan did a great job characterizing Ares. And wow, did he nail Hera!)

I’m not sure where Percy fans would congregate, since the stories don’t have a single locale like Twilight does. But fans are inventive – they’ll think of something.


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After a mostly itinerant adult life, I landed in the Pacific Northwest and I love it.
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