MTV’s Video Music Awards

I watched the 2006 VMA show today (Tivo) and enjoyed it much more than I expected to. (Possibly due to Tivo…I FF’d through the acceptance speeches.) Somebody at MTV did an amazing job with the graphics that accompanied the presentation of the nominees — I especially liked the anatomical charting overlay in the dance category.

Still, the high point of the show, for me, was four guys and eight treadmills live.

Like a million others, I had voted on MTV’s site in various categories. It’s fun to register an opinion, but how did they come up with the nominees? In each category, I could think of several more deserving who weren’t even allowed to compete.

Plus I’m still not reconciled to MTV Overdrive’s recent (poor) redesign and the loss of customized playlists.

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After a mostly itinerant adult life, I landed in the Pacific Northwest and I love it.
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