My Vegetable Solution

I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for seven years now, and this was going to be my last summer attempting to grow vegetables. I just couldn’t take the repeated disappointments.

We’ve all seen those ads for the EarthBox™, I’m sure. This year, desperation outweighed skepticism, and I ordered a few.

This evening, I picked carrots and zucchini and snow peas for dinner…from my own garden! So it’s a little silly to be so thrilled — after all, farmers have been doing this for centuries. But the pride of starting with a handful of seeds and turning it into actual food (or helping…nature does most of it) is a wonderful seasoning. And I have to think that using the EarthBoxes made a big difference.

My proudest garden achievement, though, is the eucalyptus tree I’ve grown from a seed…more on that another day.


my EarthBoxes

(obligatory disclaimer: I have no connection with the EarthBox company or their products)

About schazjmd

After a mostly itinerant adult life, I landed in the Pacific Northwest and I love it.
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